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Calligraphy •  Stationery •  Design

Prices and Services

Standard prices are for black ink on unlined stationery. Crane’s paper or better, in any style of lettering that I provide. Some custom lettering is also provided. Non-ink friendly paper,  writing in customized colors, metallic, extra lines will increase charges.

Envelope Addressing

Outer Envelopes                                                             $3.50 each & up

Inner/Outer sets                                                             $4.00 each & up

  Extra Lines                                                                     $.50 each & up

Return Address (standard 2 line)                                         $2.00 each & up                                                                              

Pricing is for standard 3 line addressing for outer envelope and 1 line inner envelope.

Envelopes that are opaque, metallic, dark, or unusual material will require an additional fee.


Escort / Place Cards

          Simple Names... 1 name, $1.75 each & up (no first names ie Mr. Jones) ...  2 names, $2.25 each                                                                                                              

Full Names... 1 name, $2.00 each & up (includes  all first names ie Mr. Kyle  Jones) ...  2 names, $2.50 each & up

Table Cards

Numbers (One, Two, Three...)                                                        $5.50 each & up

Numerals (1, 2, 3...)                                                                     $5.00 each & up

Names for Tables (head table, family, etc...)                                    $6.50 each & up

 On Site Calligraphy and Engraving

$120 per hour, 4 hour minimum

Will travel

Note: Custom design and cutting Escort Cards, Place Cards, Table Cards, Table Numbers, etc...are Available.


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